Photos ~ Commencement Bay in a Summer Storm-Given Shroud

The evening after my Sunday hike I drove from my house down Stevens and spied a stunning sight looking toward a usually stunning viewpoint. The overlook where I've watched a couple fireworks shows was shrouded in a partially enveloping mist. It didn't seem like fog after the warm-ish August rains of the day but a dull mist that rose from Commencement Bay to meet the low clouds above. The water itself was only partially covered as the moisture rose up it became more opaque. Yet, between the mist and clouds, a slit revealed the top of the NE Tacoma/Browns Point hills and, further to the south, a small grouping of amber lights from the Port of Tacoma. Better still, a group of container ship cranes gently rose above a lush hillside and sat like mysterious giants between the white above and below it.

This is why I carry my camera everywhere I go. Enjoy!

posted Aug 26, 2008 under browns point, commencement bay, fog, tacoma, tideflats  

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