Photos ~ Tacoma Craft Beer Fest

The 1st annual Tacoma Craft Beer Fest was an impressive success! I headed down there about 5, had to park a good half mile away, then wait in line before getting in. You might think this would be a bad thing but for the first year of this type of event, it was great! The Foss Waterway Seaport building was a sea of happy beer vendors and drinkers. By the time I got in there weren't as many dark beers left but I enjoyed a North Coast ale (don't remember which one), an Elisian Pumpkin Ale (tasty but was bummed I missed out on their pumpkin stout!), and a Mac & Jack's Blackcat Porter which, despite my reservations, was great!

Huge kudos to the organizers for putting together such a solid event! I imagine next year they'll have to figure out some better options for parking but, other than that, hopefully this will be a new Tacoma tradition for years to come.

posted Oct 5, 2009 under brews, craft beer, dock street, festival, tacoma  

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