Photos ~ Downtown panorama from 'D' Street

Our last Tacoma Photo Gang outing in the tideflats was a great time and I had another photo to share. I stitched together a panorama I took from "D" Street of downtown. It stretches from the 509 bridge to the south over to the 11th Street Murray Morgan Bridge to the north. It's a beast of an image but I've shrunk it down a bit for your viewing pleasure here.

Downtown Tacoma across the Thea Foss from D Street

Where's your favorite viewpoint to see and enjoy Tacoma? Here along "D" Street? Up near Stanley & Seafort's? Driving along I-5? Let me know in the comments below and I'll visit each recommended spot, shoot the view, the bring the pics back to show you here so you can vote on your favorite.

posted Feb 27, 2007 under d street, panorama, skyline, tacoma, thea foss  

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