Photos ~ An evening with the office at a Rainiers game

SiteCrafting peeled our eyes off the screens and rested our coding fingers for the evening at a Tacoma Rainiers game. We headed out on this stunning Spring Monday about 4pm and started with a little tailgating. Brats were served up nice 'n hot courtesy Mark's tailgate and our little grill. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, food and conversation before heading into Cheney Stadium for the ballgame.

The park looks really good and there was a satisfactory crowd considering it was a Monday night. The Rainiers went up against the Salt Lake City Bees. The game didn't go so hot for the home team (we lost 4 to 2) but, on the brighter side, it could've been a shutout were it not for some ninth inning efforts. The Fun Squad was out in force hucking t-shirts, Rhubarb was in his/her finest frightening low-budget mascot form, and our own Mike even got up to shake it on the visiting team's dugout for a lively chicken dance.

Thanks to boss Brian for getting us all out there. Not a bad way to start the week. My vote is for every Monday to be a tailgate Monday. Any other votes?

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