Photos ~ An Evening Sunset Ride

Well nearly sunset. After a quick dinner at home last night I headed out to the nearby University Place DOL office to see about spying the course for my motorcycle endorsement drive test today. There wasn't a stripe of paint to be found that outlined the course so I was outta luck. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful evening so me and the Vespa wandered a bit. First, down 19th to a place I've never been: Day Island. Needless to say, I've still never been there. After enjoying the view while riding down the rolling, straight hill, I ended up at a dead end of a private marina and yacht club. Next time I'll check a map and dispell the myth that's existed in my head that Day Island lies at the end of 19th Street. Instead, 27th (the road I'd just come from) is the key. Doh!

Anyway, I connected over from where I was to Titlow Beach. There were picnics going on in the nearby park and I enjoyed a brief check of the view over the water, a lovely evening Sun, and the Narrows bridges.

That's it. Nothing too amazing but just a nice way to weave back home. Oh, and wish me luck on that whole motorcycle endorsement drive test thingy I'm doing this morning. It will now mean I can ride the Vespa after dark and have passengers. So who wants a ride?

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