Photos ~ Family and Friend Weekend in the 'Couve

Drove down yesterday and last night had fun playing Wii with mom and dad. Today was a busy day. We first went to see grandma for a bit then I spun off and met a friend from high school (and now, I suppose) for lunch. Libby recommended a Middle Eastern place on 34th and Belmont in Portland called Hoda's and I was absolutely up for some good food. And good it was though without grabbing the menu I have downstairs I can't point to anything more specifically. Nevertheless, we enjoyed some tea down the street soon thereafter then I headed back to Vancouver to meet back up with my family. We celebrated my mom and brother's birthday by going back to Portland to a BBQ place just off Broadway. Though the smoked sausage I had was good I really enjoyed the sauce. It was a slightly sweeter mustard seed BBQ sauce that blew my mind. After some present opening and dessert I met back up with Libby to make our own dessert after a craving set in earlier. Thus, lime bars were baked.

Great to see everyone -- I had a great weekend!

posted Jan 3, 2009 under family, friends, portland, restaurants, vancouver  

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