Photos ~ First Night 2009 (mostly Hi Jack, really)

As my itinerary laid out I only went to a couple things at First Night last night but had a good time. Saw the parade of some impressive bagpipes, the Dockyard Derby Dames rolled through, along with a solid drum line and some jugglers and acrobats. Beautiful thing to see Lonely University Place Guy carrying the flag to lead the parade. Angela Jossy did a fantastic job and I especially enjoyed her originals and her cover of Radiohead's Exit Music (For A Film) -- one of the best songs from one of the best albums ever and she nailed it. From there I waded through some of the confusion regarding The Little Brothers' venue change and got to hear some of their stuff (unfortunately through a heavily distorted sound system).

From there it was on to Hi Jack. The toast was toasting, tons of people had homemade percussion instruments, Lynn di Nino looked fabulous, Derek and Whitney manned (and womaned, as it were) their cannon, I danced dressed as a zebra, the music was thumping, rain only piddled, the jack-in-the-box struggled to life, rose for a brief moment, then blew over in the wind, but everyone was showered with commemorative ping pong balls. And all was well.

I didn't stick around the rest of the night but hope everyone had a great time. Happy New Year!

Photos ~ First Night 2008

photo by John Carlton (thanks Claudia!)

One I snapped of myself just in case I didn't get one from First Night itself

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