Photos ~ Freighthouse Into Frighthouse This Oct.

There's Halloween fun coming to Freighthouse this year and it looks like it'll be a real scream. They've hired talented local fabricator and scare master Ben Isitt to turn our beloved underdog in the Dome District into a sheer frighthouse. At a preview last night, Isitt surprised as a "normal" looking guy that creates extraordinary figures and experiences. He got his start in the LA area doing commercial fabrication of signage, sculpture, etc. but was captivated by someone in the horror business. Isitt apprenticed and found his passion. His wife had family in this area which brought them here and we should all be thankful. Isitt still does all kinds of commercial work but now has the privilege of spending time doing what he loves which is scaring people.

The former space of Katy's Antiques is being transformed into a labyrinth of terror set in the ill-fated Black Lake Asylum. Creatures, mutations, and creepy curiosities created by mad caretakers will lurk around every turn and be brought to life by a troupe of a couple dozen actors. And judging by how uneasy some of Isitt's creations made me feel just sitting stored before everything's prepped for the main event, I can't wait to check it out!

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Ben Isitt

This dude may want his money back if the Puyallup Fair did this to him

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