Photos ~ Frost Park Sidewalk Chalk Challenge #3

We had a beautiful day yesterday to be outside at lunch in Frost Park. Lots of people showed up to enjoy a chat and see the RR-inspired chalk art competition on the sidewalks and other surfaces. This week Jim from PSP offered up a free large pizza to the winner and next week the ante has been upped by Trish at Embellish who's offering up a free her or his cut. Thomas again joined us from Woody's on the Water to provide a bite from a cracker and cheese tray. I snagged one woman enjoying the sun with her significant other to get in on the chalk fun and another FeedTacoma reader joined in with the orange gorilla piece and pledged to bring other co-workers from his cake decoration studio in the Nalley Valley next week.

I'll be filming for the 72 Hour Film Fest next Friday but I'm sure we'll be able to put Frost Park on the schedule. See everyone next week!

posted Apr 26, 2008 under chalk art, competition, frost park, tacoma  

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