Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off #14

Though RR was missing due to a baby Anderson on the way, today was a great day to be at Frost Park. The Sun was shining, the chalk was flying, and there was even a celebration for EarthDaughter's birthday/retirement. Congrats to her and thanks for having the fine folks at Pinwheel Catering's Herban Cafe bring the treats. Thanks also to Mandiferous for the cookies. Nom nom nom.

Plenty of amazing chalk work today, too. Stowe threw down with a piece that was composed entirely from ideas people suggested right then and there. Ariel plugged a fantastic series of outdoor summer concerts I'm rather fond of from my days at PLU. There were even a couple n00bs in the fray with one great word-play submission by Sandi and an amazingly vibrant Tacoma Dome Jellyfish by a couple of the ladies from Tacoma Art Supply using their brilliant new shipment of chalk.

Thanks all! Now check all the pics below and make sure to vote for your favorite tonight. See you next week!

by Stowe

by Sandi(y?)

by Andrea's Father-in-law

by Adam

by Ariel

by Dawn

by Jeremy

by Andrea

by unknown

by Team Tacoma Art Supply

by Lance

Chalk card by Dave L, signed by many

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