Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off #15

Despite missing perenial chalkies RR and Andrea there was no love lost on the contenders this week. The weather was refreshingly cool and the mellow atmosphere made for a really relaxing time. There was one gaggle of Frost Park goers sitting together combining the likes of the TNT's Dan Voelpel, Lynn Di Nino, County Councilmember Tim Farrell, Morgan Alexander, and Andrew Fry.

Thanks, as always, to the artists for putting out during their lunch hour. Remember to cast your vote here and stop by Frost Park any Friday to watch the magic in action.


by chickadee

by Julie

by Stowe

by droid116

by ensie

by Sandy

by Team Family Elle

by Adam

by Dawn

by Chelsey & Kelly

The many spirits of Stowe

posted Jul 18, 2008 under chalk art, feedtacoma, frost park, tacoma  

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