Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off #16

Today's return of RR came with the bullet of his newly hatched little one and wife attending as well. It was great to see them and (jealous?) I even got to hold baby Max for a minute. I also tried my had at some serious chalking with Dawn leading the way. She took me under her wing with an Izenman birthday and Herban Cafe mash-up that I think came out swimmingly. Thanks to her. It's certainly a different world with one's nose to the sidewalk like that for an hour. I had no clue what anyone else was creating and broke into a sweat born more of intensity than temperature. But I powered through with headphones pumping The Beastles into my ears and hopefully made her proud. It was an utter blast though and I think I took direction well enough not to mess things up at least. Thanks Dawn!

Check out my pics below then don't forget to vote for your favorite. See everyone next week!

Miss Darcy and little mister man Max

by Team Satellite, Corina and Red Hot

by Hiedi

Colorful chalk art battle scars

by Ariel (and congrats!)

by RR

by unknown

by Andrea

by Stowe

by Team Dawn and Kevin

by unknown

Adam working away -- an apt Dr. Horrible reference no doubt

He said this evil dude is me -- note to self: need more scars

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