Photos ~ Going Grassless in My Front Yard

The lines have been drawn and in the war between me and grass -- I'm winning! Previous battles have involved the side of my house, a patch for herbs in the back, removing some for bamboo, and more recently a new vegetable garden. Well, starting last weekend and ending yesterday, my entire front yard is now grassless!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to family and friends who donated transplants from their gardens! I bought a handful of things but I can now proudly say there is a little bit of all of you (and not in that chopped-you-up-and-buried-you kinda' way) in my beautiful new grassless landscape.

Gathered up cardboard

Probably didn't need to but de-thatched what lawn was there

Cardboard down and mulch to hold it down

Placing plants where I want them

In the ground

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posted May 20, 2010 under garden, grassless, tacoma, yard  

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