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Though the Plaza proper was full of post-runner related booths and such (see Bank to Bay) he group putting on the "I Am Curious... Yellow" art yard sale had a great spot in the green grass. Items still available will be up for sale for $5 until 1pm when everything is reduced to $1 until 2pm when they close up and the proceeds are to be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

The pieces ranged from re-made to custom made and were nearly all a brilliant shade of canary yellow. I talked to Ixia Tile's Claudia a bit who said anyone doing painting the last day or so had to settle for other shades of yellow 'cause all the local stores were otherwise out. Zesty Jenny was there on a detour from her days errands (congrats on the new dog, btw!) and jenyum of TacomaMama fame picked up a couple items with her two little girls in-tow.

Heck, since it was for a good cause, I even threw in a piece made especially for the event. The media is Legos and I titled the it "F F Zero" which is also web color code for yellow. I created it from a box full of vintage Legos from my childhood. If anyone decides to purchase my highly nerdy, though appropriately colored yellow and green work they may even see teeth marks on a few of the pieces which was my preferred method for separating blocks from one another when I was a kid who chewed any useful fingernails to oblivion. I had fun creating it anyway.

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