Photos ~ Late June Lightning

Oppressive heat like yesterday is something PNWer's just aren't accustomed to. Neither is the unstable atmospheric conditions it can create when you mix hot and humid with an incoming front. From that we were treated to a distant show of some spectacular lightning.

The meteorological threat existed all day but seldom does this sort of excitement come form our skies. Nevertheless, after a couple sightings by friend AP and myself I headed down the street to a neighborhood lookout most popular for viewing 4th of July fireworks. For this show the spot was also perfect. A few other neighbors stopped by to take in the quiet occasion. I set up my tripod and started pulling in shots of about 7 seconds each. I didn't re-frame much but paid basic attention to where the active storm cells might be moving. Twenty minutes after I arrived the sky seemed to give up and so I did as well -- though not at all empty handed.

This was my first ever lighting shoot and I'm pretty pumped with the results. Maybe storm chasing is still somewhere in my future... ;)

The view from my vantage point of NE Tacoma and Commencement Bay in the distance

The light of an airliner's path arching in the shot

The money shot (desktop version)

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