Photos ~ LED-Pimped Ikea Table

As part of my home office overhaul I decided it was finally time to rid myself of the particle board, K-mart desk I've had since college and upgrade a bit. Into the 21st Century!!!1!11! With that in mind I set out to Ikea the other day to snag some of the same glass and metal framed tables/desks we have at work. An idea to add in some ground effects like lighting to the frosted glass surface was already on my mind but seemingly a pipe dream. Until their showroom showed me the way. Dioder!

These strands of LED lights have tempted me each of the last few visits but justification was far out of reach. Until I saw one of the very desks I planned to purchase endowed with strands of white Dioder lights underneath. Once I hit the lighting section of the store I realized the price had come down on the multi-colored variety as well and I couldn't resist.

So, without further ado, here's my Ikea Vika Lauri desk pimped out with multi-color Dioder light effects.

posted Apr 19, 2010 under desk, diy, home office, ikea, leds  

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