Photos ~ Lego Space Pirates and Vehicles a la Stowe

At least that was the idea but since when do I ever follow "rules"? ;) Stowe challenged his son Barrett and I to create a space pirate dude then his ship. While he dutifully stuck to his guns (cannons, more like) I put together some space pirate Inspector Gadget like thing and debated the finer points of invincibility, infinity, that blue flame plasma gun thingy, and his other awesome attempts at one-upping me weapon-wise. In the end I had some sore joints, Stowe reached the point of abusing my gift of being a master Lego pile scouter outer, and I put together a couple cool robot things. Check 'em out below!

Stowe's mega space pirate transport and modular attack vessel

posted Jun 11, 2009 under legos, pirates, space, stowe  

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