Photos ~ Lighting Workshop w/Gav and Steve

If you've seen any of his work, Gavin Jensen is quickly becoming a master of all things camera and light. I'm fortunate to call him my friend and he was kind enough to take Steve and I in yesterday to absorb some of his knowledge. He setup light stands, a background, and some tables in his garage and we spent the afternoon playing with photo and light.

With only one external flash to my name I had a bunch of fun seeing what I could do with that light defying what the Sun gives us outside and with the lightbox and a bunch of objects inside. Another part of the afternoon I still spent learning but was also sitting on the modeling chair while Gav and Steve played with lighting portraits. Once I have copies of some of those shots I'll definitely post (including the evilest of all Kevin photos).

Here's what I got from the day. Time to get a couple other simple pieces of equipment then watch out 'cause I'll be wandering around town and you might get flashed and shot. ;) Thanks for lending some of your patience and expertise, Gav!

Took this lovely object and played with moving the light around it to see what differences it would create

Pretty crazy, huh?

Brought the flash a good deal closer to isolate the subject from the background

Gav then threw in a nice red light on the backdrop

Here's the same setup but using a far more diffuse light

We headed outside to see if we could play a bit with countering the ambient light -- first we have to see about dimming things a bit

A prelim firing of the flash showed a bit too much power

With just one light I thought this came out pretty well though I would've loved setting him apart from the background a bit more

Into the lightbox I go...

Then I reached into my bag/Handheld Computer Museum to photograph the collection

Steve with one of the lighting setups to photograph some of his amazing hand-turned pens

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