Photos ~ Former site of Tacoma's beautiful Mattson Mansion

Plenty of shock and surprise rippling around Tacoma and the local webosphere about the sudden and complete destruction of a beautful, historic mansion overlooking the Puget Sound. I stopped by tonight to grab some pics of the aftermath. I never got a good look at the place in-person but know it was an historic anchor in a beautiful part of town. Nothing except some cement basement walls is standing. The new owner had taken out rows of hedge, a stunning old greenhouse, and even a huge tree. For what -- a clean slate/lot and a view?! Money can certainly buy a lot but it cannot buy history. Much like the lessons left un-learned by some of the wealthy who currently run this nation, these arrogant inheritants know nothing of a hard days work and value little that which their money brings them.

Here are the depressing images I took of the lot where I presume a huge, new McMansion will tower guarded by some brand of cold, spear-topped walls.

Exit133 - Entry one and two
thrice all american - Entry one and two
TNT Real Estate Blog - here

The old greenhouse stood here ("before" photo taken in October of last year)

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