Photos ~ 'Meaties' BBQ With Friends

Got an invite from the patriarch of the Stowe fam here in town earlier this week to take a peek inside their periodic BBQ's get-together's. Ensie and I joined the Stowe's, their Seattle friend, jcbetty and little lady, Dawntown, and Mandiferous for Meaties this afternoon. Today's meat-related competition focused around hamburger toppings and who had the best idea for how to adorn a patty on a bun. We had a great time sampling everyone's ideas, having some good conversation on a calm August evening (got chilly tho), and getting tired just watching all the kids (Dawn included) run around. I believe the winner was jcbetty's creation that involved a sauce I'll let her describe and some tasty turkey burger patties.

I believe my burger topping idea was by far the most promising for future development. It wasn't any choco cereal destruction but it was close. Seems I'm into dessert-ifying things. Hot dogs. Cereal. And now hamburgers.

Consequently, those in attendance should describe their creations by using the comments on each of the photos below. Thanks Stowe family for having us over and for a really relaxing time!

The buffalo awaiting it's seasoning

No one will ever know...

Grillmaster Stowe

Dawn modeling her jcbetty bag

My creation: The Choco Bison Bacon BBQ Burger (The CB5)

Melty chocolate meets burger at last! And, with a little tweaking, this could really rule

Stowe wasn't too sold on my CB5

Mandi definitely wasn't buying what I was sellin'

A rousing game of Red Light Green Light

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