Photos ~ My First Mariners Game

Yesterday my buddy from PLU Doris and I went to my first ever major league baseball game. Since it was a Sunday game I remembered we could take the Sounder up and it was the perfect way to go. No traffic or parking to deal with and great views of the countryside and Mt. Rainier to share while leisurely sitting back enjoying the ride and having a chat.

Doris snagged us great seats a mere 15 rows up from just along the 3rd base line in left field. Felt like we were practically on the field with the low wall between us and the players. Weather was perfect -- thinly overcast, no wind, and about 70 degrees. I also got to use the Nintendo Fan Network on my DS and loved it! We could watch pitch data come in live, order food and drink to be brought straight to our seats (!!!), and even get closed captioning of the game live if need be. Really amazing setup and I wish the DS would be utilized more like this elsewhere.

We lost the game (Doris and I are both individually bad luck for pro sports teams -- doubly so today) but had a great time chilling and enjoying. Thanks Doris and go Mariners!

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