Photos ~ New Porch Roof (Day 1)

Today and tomorrow I'm off from work to stay home. It's not really a vacation but more of a work party for one. Since move-in day the flat, tarred rubber roof over our little porch in the back has had one spot that water seeps into and sags a bit. Nothing dangerous or anything just an annoyance. Well, the time has come to rid ourselves of that annoyance and upgrade. The space itself it nice but it gets really dark under the current roof and isn't very inviting.

I started today demolishing the old room to make way for a cool polycarbonate, tinted transparent plastic one. Borrowing my neighbor's sawzall was a huge help and I was able to knock out all the old roof today. I peeled back the top rubber layer, cut the plywood panels and layer of tar on top into easily handled pieces, and made two piles. It was a bit of a mess but i kept most of the tar shards off our lawn and even swept and covered one of the debris piles in case it rained.

More to come tomorrow as I attempt to rent a work truck, get the supplies I need for the new roof, haul away all the old roof, then see if I can put all the new stuff back together. Wish me luck!

posted Feb 21, 2008 under home improvement, house, roof  

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