Photos ~ New Years Eve gaming with friends

Sarah and I decided to have a few friends over to celebrate the coming of 2007. Nothing fancy or particularly planned but we put together some food and a little fun to help pass the time 'til midnight. We first spent the day tidying up the house and setting food out. Sarah made up her always slammin' golden cheesies and I made some ham cheese pickle wrap thingies.

Everyone showed up around 7 and we immediately started into some gaming. I recently remembered how much fun the game Burnout 3 is for our Xbox and dug it out to show friends who haven't seen it. Turned out crashing cars was fun enough to occupy a good portion of the night. We all also tried our hand at Dance Dance Revolution for the first time thanks to Galen and Reena. Although tons of fun I couldn't seem to get my foot in the right spot on the mat and it certainly pointed out how lazy and out of shape I am. ;)

The champagne was poured about fifteen minutes 'til midnight and we all raised a glass when the ol' ball in New York dropped. Happy 2007 to you and yours and may you make the most of your time.

Some of the spread for our little party

Holly celebrates a successful crash while playing Burnout

Gavin talks some smack in Reena's general direction

Fixin's for cheese fondue

Galen strikes a disco-esque pose

Colby needed some serious post-party rest

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