Photos ~ Office whiffle ball and 8 home-grown blueberries

After a busy week in the office we decided to wind down this afternoon with a trip to nearby McCarver Park to play us some whiffle ball. Everyone in the office joined in the fun on a gorgeous Friday in town. A few balls were nearly lost to one of the two trees in the playfield but were both recovered. No one lost an eye or anything and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed getting out of the office a bit to smack a ball around.

Sarah and I also fired up the Weber tonight for some buffalo burgers followed by dessert. This was no ordinary dessert, however, since we topped our chilled dish with four blueberries each grown on one of two bushes along the side of our house. They were plump, sweet, and delicious and I can't wait for the handful of others to get ripe.

Mt. Rainier from McCarver park

Getting setup for our whiffle ball fun

Mark swings and connects with a pitch from Mike

Mark pitching to Mike

"Home Run" Hiromi awaits her turn to crack a ball over the fence

Broken whiffle ball fashion statement

Andrzej swings with good form while Ken plays catcher

Me pitching to Hiromi

...And she connects!

The newest member of our SiteCrafting team, Reena, takes a swing

Damage on display

The view of 509 and the Port of Tacoma from McCarver Park

SiteCrafting troubleshoots

Doing lines of blueberries -- the 8 we got

Here's my share of the blueberries atop some Starbucks ice cream

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