Pythian Temple Photo Safari

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hunting down some good photographs on a City-led photo safari of the Pythian Temple. Nestled in the heart of downtown this building stands still today after over 100 years. There's plenty of charm to be had in the building and its caretakers the local Knights of Pythias (more at Wikipedia). Our tour showed us a nearly all original "order of business" kind of hall, a plate-lined dining hall, a club room, and the stunning Castle Hall. Only 25-ish people were allowed on the tour and it was great seeing some familiar faces like Jen, Brooks, Dave (P. and L.), Naomi, Matthew and to meet a couple new faces like Scott and Wes. Thanks to Sharon for organizing the event and to the local KoP for allowing so many paparazzi like shutterbugs in to your wonderful space.

Link to more photos on Flickr and more "photo safari" via FeedTacoma

posted Mar 5, 2008 under knights of pythias, photo safari, pythian temple, tacoma  

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