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After opening night Friday, Showcase Tacoma kicked into high gear today with plenty to see and do. We sampled a little music, a dusting of chalk art, and even saw a local legend and his legion of clones. Let me just say straight away, the chalk art was amazing. Watching the artists process and seeing how they can colorfully transform dull cement was absolutely stunning. It was a mess on the hands of anyone creating these pieces but will be an absolute joy for those of us who frequent the sidewalks of downtown Tacoma for weeks/months to come. Wouldn't it be cool if art like that existed in a more permanent form on our city sidewalks?

We also found ourselves at the tail end of Mr. Dale Chihuly delighting kids and parents in a session where he squirted their shoes with colorful paints. Yes, I suppose you can turn anything into art of your name (or hair) gets big enough. Nevertheless, it made for some fun photos. We also saw the Chihulygans wandering around as a living tribute/loving mockery of the man that put Tacoma on the art map.

From there we also heard a great band called Ennui. They had a sound somewhere between U2, Dave Matthews and the Red Elvises but were completely refreshing in their talent. We'll definitely be buying one of their CDs.

The glass blowing from the folks at M-Space was great to watch on the steps of UWT. You can even buy one of their hand made martini glasses for something like $20 and have it filled with a drink at the nearby Blue Olive garden. This and you have view of some pretty solid dance performed by members of the MLK Ballet.

If you haven't been down, don't forget it runs through today! I may even need to stop by again just to walk through and see all the finished chalk art pieces.

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