Photos ~ Night snowboarding and Sarah's first time

Tonight was Boeing night up at Snoqualmie and Sarah and I hit the slopes with our co-worker who hooked us up with the cheap tickets. Tonight also marked Sarah's first time trying out snowboarding with her patient instructor/husband leading the way. Hopefully my teaching made sense but Sarah didn't get frustrated and kept trying despite the icy hard slope conditions. After I worked her a bit on some basics we ate then headed up the bunny hill. She made her way down only falling somewhat hard once but ended the day with some decent skills to grow on next time we head up. Boy are we going to be tired at work tomorrow though!

Thanks for the cheap ticket hook-up, Reena! It was a great price to get Sarah started on a board.

posted Feb 12, 2007 under boeing night, Sarah's first time, snoqualmie, snowboarding  

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