Photos ~ Deer tracks in the snow

There's still so very much white stuff on the ground here even after a weekend away. I did, however, find a great little reminder about some neighbors that stroll through our area. Deer have been spotted numerous time around here and it's fun to find traces of them (unless they're eating our plants) from time to time. Tonight, when bringing in the recycling bin, I saw some hoof tracks preserved in our lasting blanket of snow. That and someone scrawled a "S.O.S." message in our front yard. Apparently, short of being snowed in, folks may be a bit sick of the snow. Don't get too tired of it yet 'cause the forecast is calling for more tonight.

Anyway, it's great to be back but I sure didn't believe I see all this white still around here. Pics from our trip to San Fran forthcoming.

posted Jan 15, 2007 under deer, hooves, neighborhood, snow, tracks  

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