Photos ~ Snowboarding Teacher and Brian Head Views

I woke up in my little nook this morning to find nothing but blue sky out the windows. Amazingly enough a blustery storm blew through late last night and dumped a fresh 5 or so inches of snow and left a clear, calm day for us today. After breakfast I mobilized with my cousins to empart my boarding knowledge their way. All five of them were great pupils and we all enjoyed our day on the slopes -- even if there was much falling on their part. Spirits were good nonetheless and I was able to get out a bit for a few faster runs. I'll do a bit more teaching tomorrow but might venture off the green runs (they're really easy here Steve!) to some blue on the other mountain nearby. After an incredibly tasty tri-tip steak dinner (thanks Dan and Don!) I hung in the sauna for a bit which felt positively amazing. I'm barely away to post but, here 'tis, more pics!

posted Feb 14, 2009 under brian head, getaway, snowboarding, vacation  

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