Photos & Video ~ Best day snowboarding yet (update 1)

Truly, it was. Steve, Andrzej and I also accompanied by Angela went up to Crystal today to take in a little more of the snowboarding season. The weather turned was frigid and clear all day but didn't offer up much in the way of wind. There wasn't any fresh powder like last time but the slopes were groomed to smooth perfection. We all rode really well and pretty fast without too many people there nor any bumpy moguls to grapple with. All told we rocked it with a record total 11 runs on the day! Normally Steve and I would call it quits after 7 or so run but that's how many we got in before lunch today! It's awesome too because even after that kind of day I'm not sore at all.

For relative newbies (only my third year) it's really awesome to start seeing how keeping at it pays off. I guess really we're not newbies anymore but titles don't matter. We go to have a great time and stay safe and that's just what we did. Thanks for joining in the fun guys and a special thanks to Angela for staking out our spot in the lodge!

Update (2008-01-26 @ 8:44pm)
Here's a video of Steve cruising down the slope followed by Andrzej. My how we've all improved!

Steve getting geared up for our next run

Cobra Commander (a.k.a. me) on the slopes

Stunning scenery at every turn

Steve rockin' it

Andrzej resting with us before our last run of the day

The massive collection of old skis in the lodge is always impressive

Steve reflecting on our great day up here

Steve, Andrzej, and I at Crystal Mountain

Just one slice of our beautiful Pacific Northwest

And our customary post-snowboarding stop at Wally's in Buckley

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