Photos ~ Stowe's Super Bowl Meaties Birthday Extravaganza!

Need I say more?

My chili and cream cheese dip (plus a little donated taco season)

Mark's eggs, some sticks of meat I picked up, and Naomi's amazing guac

Meat in processed and stick form

Barrett nearly overcome by the fooditude

6 layers of dip happily crowd my chip thanks to Ian

Red Hot grillmaster Stowe

In the distance, master Jedi Ian and Sith Lord Barrett duel...

...soon thereafter they realize they're identity as mere mortals who tire easily...

...until Sith Lord Barrett remembers he actually is a Sith Lord with Sith Lord invisible lightning powers...

...that he then again forgets allowing Jedi Ian to gain the foamy upper hand...

...and strike down the young Sith Lord with a mighty FFFFWUMP!

...that mostly just tickled, really.

...which is also a weakness of most Jedi. Tickling by foamy bat anyway.

Bleu cheese bacon hamburger patties I picked up at Dave's Meat and Produce

Stowe's Philly cheese steaks

The Carleton's amazing marinated flank steak

It's his party so he can sit as close as he wants to

Prepping the boy for his future as a bookie. Or a Wookie. A bookie Wookie perhaps?

Courtney often wonders what she's gotten herself into (either that or who farted)

3D Kevin!

3D Fiona and Ian!!

3D Justin!!!

3D Naomi!!!!

3D Izenmania!!!!!

3D Monlux!!!!!!

Stowe's pop's palenta

The infamous Stowetato salad

A homemade birthday cake like can only be had in the Stowe household.

Audrey went straight for the good protein

I went for zombie Mozart

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