Photos ~ Hard-to-Describe Stunning

That's how I felt just a few short minutes ago. My lovely wife and I decided on a late and light dinner at Katie Downs. We hopped on the scooter and road down that edge-of-the-world route that took us straight down 36th. You know that view -- as you crest the first little cement summit the road disappears and all you see is beautiful homes that insight jealousy over a view that fills your eyes with Commencement Bay, Browns Point and on over to the billowing industry of the tideflats.

Sarah snagged a seat out on the deck over the water where life was good. A slight, chilly breeze was offset by the propane heater umbrellas. A golden light fell across everything that wasn't sky or water and all too many people were cooped up inside to watch the NBA Finals. Fools. Nevertheless, more for us. We ate our food, drank our drinks, and enjoyed. Not much to say tonight especially in comparison. The silence was broken, however, by a passing freight train that echoed my delight at the evening with a peppy, single-note horn rendition of "Shave and a Haircut [Two Bits]".

We cracked up a little before we headed back home. Thanks for the suggestion sweetie and to Mother Nature for setting my mood aflight.

posted Jun 17, 2008 under dinner, katie downs, ruston way, tacoma  

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