Photos ~ May Day march for immigrant rights in Tacoma

There was a bustle at work with a client from the top of the Pacific Avenue hill telling us a group marching for immigrant rights was heading down the hill. Naturally, I headed out with my camera and snapped a few. The group took the opportunity to wave their signs from the Pac. Ave. overpass of I-5 then headed towards our office down the hill and onward to downtown Tacoma. Their numbers grew slightly once they walked past me and reached about 50 or so once they went by Sarah's office window at Davita.

I support immigrant rights and believe they need to be treated with respect especially considering the back-breaking work they do that helps keep this country prosperous. In a stunning turn of events, I actually agree with President Bush that immigrants willing to do the jobs they do (that no one here wants) should have a means to labor legally. Although border jumpers are certainly breaking the law I don't think the crime needs to be a felony but there needs to be more incentive to allow workers to cross the border legally everyday. If the fear of the law is removed both in severity and in real incentives to register in a guest worker program we could help make everyone earn an honest living all the while probably helping keep our borders safer by having a better idea who's crossing it.

Anyway, cheers to those willing to stand up for what they believe. They help shape our future with their courage. They will make this place a better one.

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