Photos ~ Snowboarding on asphalt

I joined Steve (of the Fergusons) after work and dinner tonight to get some snowboarding practice in. The catch was that we had to brave the concrete slopes to get that practice. Steve recently bought a snowboard trainer from Freebord to keep himself learning in the off season. Before that he got his hands on a cheap long board that he's since handed down to me. There's a pretty smooth decently sloped parking lot a few blocks from his house that we practiced in tonight and it was just enough to help us break a sweat and play with our balance. My biggest woe on the snow is speed so it helps to feel the wind through my hair knowing there's rough asphalt below me. If I can get over the speed thing on this I should have no problem once next years snowy season hits. Anyway, thanks so much for the long board Steve and here's to avoiding skinned knees and butt bones!

posted Apr 24, 2006 under freebord, long board, snowboard trainer  

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