Photos ~ First [chilly] evening in San Francisco

We took our time at our cousin's house getting ready this morning. After a quick lunch in Modesto we headed west toward our weekend in San Francisco. Traffic there was easy and we found our hotel with ease. I hurried everyone out for a walk to the water to catch my first close-up glimpse at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The cold snap that hit us in Washington made its way south to us because the temp with wind chill was easily in the 20s tonight. We could handle it swell but those Californian's we were with had a tough time.

I snapped my fair share of photos then we hurried back to the warm hotel to use a warm car to take us over to the wharf for some touristing and eating. We filled up at Joe's Crab Shack then hit a few cheesy trinket shops before winding down for the night. Although really brisk the weather had a way of keeping other, less hearty, tourists away. Felt like we had the city to ourselves!

Our cousin's daughter

Gotta love wind power generation

Crossing the Bay Bridge

A decent glimpse at downtown San Francisco

Strolling along the waterfront

Sarah and I on a windy night near San Francisco Bay

Our cousin and daughter trying to stay warm

Chilly little baby hands -- time to get those inside and warm!

Windows on the far hillside shimmered with the fading evening light

She's going to be such a gamer when she grows up -- wait a minute, she already is!

Wait staff dancing a bit before our dinner

I dare you to take candy from this stranger

Our cousin and her fam

We need to get us some of these in Tacoma (without the overhead wires though)

Inside a trinket shop called "After the Quake" on the wharf

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