Photos ~ Drive from Vegas to Brian Head

Took off with my cousins today toward our home for the next few days. We left Vegas mid-morning and cruised smoothly out of Nevada, briefly through a piece of Arizona, then into southwestern Utah. Some amazing scenery kept me busy shooting out the window along the way and the cabin we're staying in at Brian Head, Utah is nothing short of stunning. The place is massive with plenty of room for everyone but with plenty of comforts throughout (wifi happily being one of them). Much how you might see houses at the edge of a golf course green, this place is literally on a ski slope. Just out the back door you don't even have to walk you can just strap in and head down to the bottom of the hill. Which is what I'll be doing first thing Saturday morning.

Anyway, enjoy and, believe me, I wish you were all here!

All packed and ready to go

Seriously, only in Vegas

Krissy and Dee Dee all happily coffee'd up

Ashley dutifully attending to some school work

Would you like some grime with that glitz?

Dear God

Loved the palm set agains the snowy moutains

Sad but looks kinda' like someone's broken dreams

As my cousin Dawn said it kinda' looks like a cross between a massive pile of dino dung or that rock monster from Galaxy Quest

Don't mind if I do

The cabin's great room

Looking out the back toward the slopes and chair lift

Front entry way

The 'hood

The place we're at

Rumpus room downstairs

Snow piled against and downstairs bedroom window

A castle-like hallway also downstairs (the sauna is at the end)

The kids heading out the back door for some skiing

Dee Dee and Krissy in her new snow cap

Krissy blissy

Sun peeked out briefly

The run just out the back door

Dee Dee relaxing

My room

Jordan being fussed with by her pop Jim

Ashley on the oxygen machine -- we're at 10,000' here and it's easy to feel it

Jordan all bundled

Darts downstairs with Logan...

...and Ashley (who both kicked my butt!)

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