Tacoma Photo Gang - Warehouse district (update 2)

Went on a photo outing this afternoon with a bunch of folks from the area. We organized online and got together to snap photos of the warehouse district in our beloved Tacoma. We started off at the top of the steps at UWT. We headed from campus on C street a few blocks down enjoying a somewhat seedy part of town few of us would feel comfortable milling about alone. There are some great old buildings around there but certainly not much life. We hooked over to Holgate at S. 24th near a great old power house that now stores Chihuly stuff then on to 25th and into an alley behind a couple buildings near the train tracks. There we were approached by a couple folks that were curious what our group was doing. Turned out they own one of the building there and gave us a look inside and up on their roof. After I had to take off they even showed the rest of the group a vintage car they prided themselves on.

Thanks for a great outing, gang! I look forward to our next shoot. What's with the "Tacoma Photo Gang" name? Dunno, thought we should have some way to identify ourselves and, since we drew a little suspicion in that alley, I think we qualify as a gang.

If anybody in the gang reads this, add the tag "tfg" to your Flickr pics so I can make an easy link over to 'em. Thanks!

Clicks to more pics (2007-01-21 @ 10:51am)
Link to Tacoma Photo Gang on Flickr

S'more shots (2007-01-21 @ 7:36pm)
Link to Joel's photos

Joel setting up for taking this group shot

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