A "post-interview" evening

After receiving a form of network certification training today at work my mind was decidedly focused on the interview I had today. Four men questioned me for the position of PLU web developer and I think I did really well in honestly answering them. After I whipped out my online portfolio of web development/graphical design I explained to them my experience, whether personal or professional, with the web. I tried to give them the impression that I know how to manage projects and teach people how to make sites happen as well as reassuring them that I'm perfectly comfortable working in a lab setting wherein students use high-end PCs to do anything from web development to digital video editing. I'm excited to know the outcome of the interviews and am satisfied that I feel good about the interview. Now I wait.

Releaved from the sheer weight I felt on my mind prior to the inquizition, I hauled my computer over to Matt Turner/Aaron Rose's house to play a few games over their new 100Base-T switch. We gave a swat-team/special forces multiplayer game a go for a while and were only slightly successful. Matt was hold up in his room while Aaron and I had our computers both in his room. A game like that requires communication between members of the team and having one member shouting ideas from next door didn't help prevent us from getting capped in the head by the bad guys. Sarah joined the small LAN party after her astronomy class let out for the evening and we all decided to watch the South Park movie to finish up the evening. I'd seen it before and I was again tickled by the fact that this, my friends, is what I see as the beginning of the reinvention of the modern movie musical. My vote, in light of a certain sequence in Magnolia (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about), is for P.T. Anderson to put out a musical. "Uh, yes. I'll take TWO please!"

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