Proctor business blips

I noticed a bit of shuffling taking place in Proctor while at breakfast yesterday. One business is expanding while one left a gaping hole of a space.

¡Viva La Fondita!

First, my favorite Mexican food place in town, La Fondita [ map ], is expanding. Their normally comfortable but cozy quarters will soon fill the former Fire & Clay space next door. I know I've referred countless people to their delicious food and friendly service and am totally happy to see their success take a physical form. My hope, as with any growing business, is that they don't lose sight of what makes them great and the quality of the tastes they create. Because, like my reaction to another now expanded local restaurant, this can make the difference between my dining dollars being spent there or not.

Fill that space

Our favorite local Subway has been vacant for months now but it makes me wonder what might replace it? At first I was voting for a Baja Fresh but then I thought about the competition with the aforementioned La Fondita. It also seems like fast food can't survive there due mostly to the parking situation not lending toward a quick in and out. Seems like a prime spot for something though with a great pedestrian population. What would you put there? What is Proctor missing that could help fill up this space?

La Fondita's current location...

...and the place adjacent they're expanding into

The former Subway next door to Starbucks on the corner of 26th and Proctor

Proctor dogs would like to know what will go there...

...As well as Proctor cats

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