Happy 3 PSP!

Today is Puget Sound Pizza's 3rd birthday and Jim couldn't be more proud. Celebrate with them tonight as DJ Aaron Mack will be spinning 80s music and more starting about 8:30pm. Here's a blurb Jim posted on MySpace:

Unbelievable. It doesn't seem like it's been 1100 days, but it has ...

Puget Sound Pizza opened October 11, 2004. That means today is our 3 year anniversary.

Just wanted to drop a state-of-the-pie note to all of our Myspace friends and let them know we still very much love what we do in Tacoma's new core and that we know we wouldn't be able to do what we do everyday without local support.

We are very excited at the potential of St. Helens neighborhood downtown in the next year. Being such close-proximity to such neighbors as The Roberson condo makes us anxious for its and others to finish and to see who our new residential neighbors will be upon completion of construction and in-turn where we'll be in the next 3 years ...

We wouldn't be able to do what we do everyday without the support of Tacoma, all our family and friends and the neighborhood. So very much thanks is deserved by all who support local businesses.

It's been an evolution .... in the 3 years we have been open we have expanded or added more hours of operation, our pizza menu, our breakfast menu, our number of staff, a full cocktail lounge, our total square footage and, hopefully, our positive impact on family-friendly affordable dining downtown Tacoma. What we do is fun and we like doing it.

Thanks again for helping us rock.

Congrats to Jim and crew for being pioneers in a part of town few wanted to have anything to do with three years ago. I know Sarah and I and so many others have enjoyed their pies. With the addition of more space and more breakfast this year I'm sure they'll make all those new Tacoma condo owners and everyone happy for years to come.

Thanks Sarah!

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