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Just wanted to drop a comment out there to the folks at Puget Sound Pizza. I know in the past it's been a bit of a "chicken or the egg" thing with this great pizza place and selling by the slice. Well, to help show some demand, I offer the following.

8:30pm, Thursday night after the candidate forum, three of us were hungry. We entertained a few options including PSP. Would've been a great option since we were only a few blocks from there but, lo, no slices so we all decided to take our business elsewhere for the evening.

After I told my wife this small story she said she agreed and would go there for lunch once in a while during work (as opposed to really never now)

So, there's some demand. Anyone else out there want slices at PSP? If so, use the comments below as a petition. Let's let them know of the demand so they can at least give it a whirl sometime. It's too good of a pizza place not to have an excuse to visit more often.

posted Jun 24, 2007 under by the slice, psp, puget sound pizza, tacoma  

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