Rain and Rocks Derail Link Train

A rain squall of pretty epic proportions passed right over the top of downtown Tacoma about 5:30 tonight. I watched it come down from inside my dry apartment happy I'd made it home after walking from work thankful I wasn't stuck out in it. Well, unfortunately, the Link light rail was out in it. As was an open, gravel-filled patch from the road construction just uphill/upstream from the tracks. The torrent of water rushing down 9th Street easily picked up the material and spread it out right across and into the tracks themselves causing the trains front wheels to jump about a foot or two from the tracks. Though I'm sure it made a ton of ugly noises for anyone riding or nearby it didn't seem that there were any injuries associated with the accident. As of this writing the 9th and Commerce intersection was completely clear.

Yeah, that wheel is supposed to be on that track :S

posted Apr 25, 2012 under accident, light rail, tacoma, transit, weather  

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