Recycling a neighbor's gravel

Last night I took to digging up the patch of gravel and weeds behind our carport to clean things up a bit. Our neighbor across the alley offered up gravel he was getting rid of so we finish up the job tonight. My idea was to remove most of the weed filled top layer between the our carport and alley asphalt, compact it, then put the donated gravel on top. With Sarah and friend Angela (of the Fergusons) we made pretty short work stripping away the unwanted vegetation. Once the weeds were done for I drove over the old dirt and rock to compact it a bit. Finally, Angela shuttled wheel barrow's full of rock from our neighbor's former carport across the alley where we spread it all out for a fresh new look.

It was a quick two night project that worked because we were able to re-use what was going to be thrown out and to help clean things up behind our place. Thanks to neighbor Chris for the gravel donation and to Angela for joining in the fun! That's one more bit of sweat equity we can cross off the old list.

posted Jun 14, 2006 under alley, carport, gravel, recycle, weeds  

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