Review ~ Farrelli's serves up good pizza in a great place

What: Farrelli's Gourmet Wood Fire Pizza
Where: 3518 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA [ map ]
Phone: 253-759-1999

After a day full of piles of nothing (lawn mowing, sprinkler system troubleshooting, etc) we wound down at Farrelli's Pizza on old Poole's Corner for dinner. It was a busy night but we got a table in the bar section of the restaurant. Fortunately we met up with friends Angela and Steve (of the Fergusons) before a rush had people waiting outside and a nearby table nearly ushered out by the wait staff for doing a bit of loitering. Although packed the layout of the place offered a relatively calm level of noise and made for easy table conversation.

Drinks were served promptly and Angela had perhaps the most beautiful Guinness I'd ever seem set in front of her. Sarah ordered some bread sticks to share and we were all shocked to find that, instead of a couple lengths of bread in a small basket, a 12" pizza sized round of melted cheese on bread/dough was set in front of us. We all ate our share and I particular enjoyed the quality of ranch set out for dipping -- it's up there on my list of "bad things you need an excuse to eat" along with fire cheetos, BBQ sauce, and bacon. Food came and the "perfect pepperoni pizza" I ordered was tops with tons of slightly spicy pepperoni and cheese on a thin crust. I'm a thick crust kind of guy but, when it's thin it needs to be crunchy which this was not.

Overall a great place to be. The food hit the spot, the atmosphere was comfortable yet easily fun enough to just meet up with folks for a drink or two (thank you Washington's anti-smoking law!), and it's close enough to home that we could consider it in our neighborhood. I give it a rating of "a couple times a month" and consider it one of the four best places around here to grab some good eats and a drink.

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