Morning river walk and a visit with Grandma

My mom, dad and I dawned our Saturday finest and headed into Vancouver to participate in a charity walk. We signed our lives away, put our new event t-shirt on and pinned our assigned numbers to our persons. Before the walk began we felt comfort in the fact that search and rescue would make sure we don't get lost and find ourselves walking the wrong river. After we met up with the group raising money for The Hampton we participated in some guided warm-up then hit the start gates with both legs swingin'. It was a great morning for the event since a mostly cloudy sky kept things cool enough to be comfortable. Along the way some fishermen cast their lines into the mighty Columbia and one event had a catch on his line. A crowd of walkers gathered around the shore and watched as the man pulled out and measured a 62" sturgeon. Fortunately for the creature he was thrown back for being two inches too long. Go buy a fish lottery ticket, my friend, because it's your lucky day!

We successfully completed the walk without the guidance of search and recue and began the rest of our day. We joined Joseph and Sonya for a late Father's Day celebratory lunch in Portland then headed over to The Hampton in Vancouver to see my Grandma. She's doing pretty well but it's definitely difficult to see her change each time we visit. I feel certain my parents and Uncle have done the right thing and she couldn't be in a better and more caring facility.

Finally tonight I joined up with Sarah and her mom and we hit a showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and had a great time.

Mom and Dad ready to walk (sheesh, put some pants on, Mom ;)

Lavender in a small garden in Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA

A flower garden in Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA

A beautiful rose in a garden in Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA

Calisthenics + Camera = butt shot

Vancouver's mayor gets to ride a bike instead of walk -- that hardly seems fair

This guy...

...caught this

Sarah likes it when I post photos of myself

My fingerprint marring a hardware store's display

Me (Kevin), Grandma, Sonya, and Joseph

Mom, Grandma, and Dad

Champion household kitty Tiffy in a box

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