Serenity Spa set for Fall '07 opening

Serenity Spa coming soon signWhile enjoying dinner at Puget Sound Pizza the other day Sarah, Angela and I noticed a sign hanging from a condo going up nearby. A place called Serenity Spa will occupy space in the yet-to-be-finished Roberson building. The spot is great with lots of tense city workers in nearby City Hall and plenty of new residents in the million or so condos opening up in the area. Their website is empty but I wanted to know more about who's behind this new spa.

I contacted its owner Megan Douglas who's been in Tacoma for five years. She currently owns a small massage practice in North Tacoma but is making the leap to doing business downtown. Here's a brief interview with Megan.

Q: Is this the your first business or your first spa?

A: I have had a small massage practice in North Tacoma for three years but my ultimate dream has always been to open my own spa.

Q: What draws you to a location in downtown Tacoma?

A: I moved to Tacoma from Seattle about five years ago when I married a Tacoma native.  I fell in love with this city.  It has such a feeling of aspiration and creativity that is very unique. I used to look at the old buildings downtown and say, "I wish someone would fix those up, they are so beautiful." And now they are!!!

Q: How do you feel your company will be set apart from other spas in town?

A: My spa will have a huge emphasis on holistic health and wellness. Along with being a massage therapist, I am also a counselor, hypnotherapist, nutritionist and I have been teaching yoga for about 6 years. I plan to incorporate all of these modalities to personalize the treatments offered at the spa.

Q: Do you have any other favorite local businesses that inspire you?

A: Over the Moon Cafe in Opera Alley. The owner took a great risk going into that area before anything was there.  Her courage and positive intentions have paid off for her, just as I know they will pay off for me.

Do you have an opening date?

A: Construction is always a tough schedule to keep but I'm hoping for early October.

Good luck to Megan and, for her sake, let's hope for smooth and timely construction. Nevertheless, I'm sure no one will hold her to that opening date. ;)

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