Anniversary getaway at the Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls

Our day at the Salish Lodge was a wonderful and relaxing one. Fortunately the weather and traffic were good and posed no challenge in getting up here. Here are some highlights:

- easy and swift drive up here -- as Sarah pointed out, there's no place around here out in he middle of nowhere
- took our first gander at the beautiful (and popular!) Snoqualmie Falls
- played a game of chess while waiting for our room (I won)
- checked into our room and had some truffles and a quick snack
- got our swimsuits on and headed to the spa for a soak and hot rock massage -- oh yeah, I could get used to those!
- decided to head to the Loft for some casual dining over room service -- good choice, too because the place is on the top floor and the host sat us at one of the two best tables with a view of the illuminated falls
- bundled up for a brief nighttime walk to see the falls all lit up (and so I could snap some photos)
- headed back to the room for a cozy fire, some sparkling wine, a soak in our two person jacuzzi tub, and some serious rest and relaxation

That pretty much sums it up. Imagine, a year ago today we were frantically trying to figure out how to reschedule our wedding around an ice storm. My vote is to do the sort of stuff like we just did to celebrate the day that could've been our anniversary day to counter the stress that was on this day in 2005. Hot rock massage, anyone?

Snoqualmie Falls - our first glimpse at the falls

Sarah with the Salish Lodge in the background (and Snoqualmie Falls off to the right)

Snoqualmie Falls - my lens got a serious dose of moisture as is evident in this shot

Snoqualmie Falls - visitors that hiked to the valley floor to view the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - a little wedding proposal action

Snoqualmie Falls - a cloudy and misty view of some evergreens and a bright orb (a.k.a. the Sun)

Snoqualmie Falls - some rare blue sky graces our misty and frigid viewing of the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - Self-portrait of Sarah and I and the mist of the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - a closer shot of the torrents of water cascading over the falls

Snoqualmie Valley - mist rises from the forest amid some sunshine after a snow last night

Snoqualmie Falls - head on with the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - a cute, Belle-with-her-hair-in-her-face Sarah enjoys the falls

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge - a classic view of this pair together

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge

Snoqualmie Falls - from top to bottom

Snoqualmie Valley - moss covered trees line the valley wall near Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls - where the water meets the valley floor

Snoqualmie Falls - close up of the top of the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - close up where the falls begin

Snoqualmie Falls - close in on the shoots of white water that make up the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - close up of the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - shoots of white water that make up the falls

Snoqualmie Falls - The water below the falls calms quickly before heading downstream

Snoqualmie Falls - a hillside vaguely resembling that of the Scottish Highlands is constantly drenched in mist from the nearby falls

Snoqualmie Valley - mist wafting above a train tressel above the forest on that surrounds the valley

Snoqualmie Valley - rays and shadows are cast as the Sun emerges to play with mist from the waterfall

Salish Lodge - the shine of these soggy roots made for a great and serene photo

Salish Lodge - as Sarah mentioned, there's just nothing out in the middle of nowhere around here (but damnit all if I don't get my cellphone reception!)

Salish Lodge - a nearby peak recently dusted with snow

Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls - traffic jams the visitor parking -- imagine this place on a sunny, summer weekend

Salish Lodge - beautiful wood work and lighting abound

Salish Lodge - warm copper light fixtures adorn most of the lodge

Salish Lodge - the concierge desk complete with fireplace and nice, dry firewood

Salish Lodge - a great view through some of the lodge's wood work out into the cold, blueness of the day outside

Salish Lodge - playing chess in the lodge library but the king was missing from the set (although replace by a pawn with a penned in little black crown)

Salish Lodge - our chess game comes to an end as I cornered Sarah's king with my queen and knight

Salish Lodge - the view from our room

Salish Lodge - the view of the upper portion of the falls from our room

Salish Lodge - Sarah all prepped and ready for our warm river rock massage in the lodge's spa

Salish Lodge - Snoqualmie Falls is an operational hydroelectric facility that's been there for some time

Snoqualmie Falls - the falls at night (lit up by environmentally-friendly florescent flood lights)

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge at night

Snoqualmie Falls - the flood lights provide a spectacular view of the falls at night

Snoqualmie Falls - the observation deck silhoutted in the mist at night

Snoqualmie Falls at night

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge at night

Snoqualmie Falls - the pedestrian bridge that crosses Highway 202 lit up at night

Salish Lodge - some greenery lit on the hotel grounds

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