Just like any other city at night

And now, we honeymoon! Man, we had smooth flights out here and now we find ourselves in a lovely room right near the heart of Costa Rica. Everything went pretty well upon arrival in Dallas except the fact that we had to traverse two concourses in the American Airlines hub on foot. This may not sound like much but with only 20 minutes to spare between arrival and connecting flight, it was quite a haul. There was suppose to be some train/tram to ferry us around but it was conveniently out-of-order today. No matter, since the flight left a bit late and we were easily on board and made it to Costa Rica under cover of dark. As I told Sarah as we approached the city, it's pretty funny how alike cities look at night. Well, after a few immigration stamps and a bag scan at customs (although no one asked for that form) we exited the rather small airport. Just outside was a sign with my name dry erased inked on it. We chatted it up a bit then hopped a van into town driven by Manuel. He let us in on some local info then skillfully delivered us the Hotel Grano de Oro. What a place! Awesome sounding food, friendly and professional help, and a cozy room with hot shower at a great price.

After we cleaned some of the travel filth from our persons we sat in the room watching Los Simpsons before heading to bed. Tomorrow: fly via small plane out to the Osa Peninsula to Puerto Jimenez and 4x4 it out to Lapa Rios. We simply can't wait.

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