Running errands and winding down at Chopstix

Playing computer games with Matt last night made getting up this morning happen a little later than normal. Once I did, Sarah and I kicked things into gear by running all kinds of errands. We [mostly] planned our intinerary and headed out, completely undaunted by the stormy wind and rain pushing through the area. Our first stop was breakfast at a nearby coffee shop where we had a healthy meal of coffee for Sarah and a hot chocolate for me along with a maple bar each. Energized and full of sugar we sped off towards University Place and to a mostly defunct old shopping plaza to the local DMV to get Sarah a new license before her birthday on the 23rd. I hung back to take a few pictures of this shopping area then joined Sarah while she waited for her number to be called. After on about 20 minutes, she had a new photo taken and had the harsh realization that when she needs her next license it'll be 2011 and she'll be over 30.

We next headed back to the Proctor area near our house to grab some special dry food for Colby before they closed. From there we cut across town to hit the PC Club, Borders then Costco over by the Tacoma Mall. The roads were pretty crowded as was Costco's parking lot and isles but we managed pretty well and didn't go postal on anyone. It's good that we both go do these kinds of crowds and traffic together because each of us alone are likely to lose it. Next was the Target-centered shopping area off Hwy 16 and Union where I grabbed some kitty litter at Petsmart and Sarah a couple things at Target. I also slipped over to the GameStop and snagged us a copy of Sin City used for $10.

Now we were done and we escaped with our sanity. Tonight we wound down with a night at the Tacoma Chopstix dueling piano bar with friends Angela and Steve (of the Fergusons) for one of Sarah's co-workers birthday. It was a great night that started with a juicy steak, cruised along with some usually too fast song favorites, and ended without any major tipsy Sarah-related incidents. I was a bit less impressed this time since my first visit. The crowd was pretty dull which made the performers really push every song's tempo which was a bad way, in my opinion, to falsely boost the room's energy. Nevertheless, we had a great time chatting with friends and enjoying some really great drinks.

Not a bad list of things checked off for a Saturday. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet Easter at home with Sarah and the kitties. Downtime is good and I require at least a heaping tablespoon full each weekend.

A teriyaki place stuffed in a former burger and shakes kinda' diner

A decent-ish mural painted on the windows of a barren University Place shopping center

Chopstix in Tacoma - stage lighting

Chopstix in Tacoma - the pianists warm up

Chopstix in Tacoma - does anything in nature come in that color?

My cutie wife

Chopstix in Tacoma - the ladies toast their jello shots

Chopstix in Tacoma - Angela giving that jello shot her all

Chopstix in Tacoma - the ladies finish off their jello shots (Sarah clearly won that one)

Chopstix in Tacoma - my dirty girlscout (front), a couple duck farts (middle), and a razzmataz (back)

Chopstix in Tacoma - me and my dirty girlscout (no, not her!) striking a pose a la Bill Murray in

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