On the Scene - Tacoma Co-Op Drive Thru

All joking aside, it sounds like 4 people were injured after a woman driving down 6th Ave. had a seisure and rammed into the front corner of the Tacoma Food Co-Op building. I haven't read anything yet but the paramedics didn't seem to be in any big hurry so hopefully that's a good sign for those involved. Huge props to Tacoma FD and PD though. There were there in a flash and in serious force. I counted at least 8 fire engines and 8 ambulences because, let's face it, in a public and popular area like 6th Ave, it could've been a whole lot worse.

It was a huge mess especially considering there were dozens of bikers (including myself) across the street at The Red Hot enjoying the last night of bike month.

posted May 31, 2012 under accident, building, co-op, crash, tacoma  

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